Phil launched into a rap about the pointless “tweet” as he discussed the helicopter crash in Seattle. He was also joined by Don Berman who inadvertently mentioned tweeting about a news interns large breasts. Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police gave an update on the hunt for the missing Malaysia Air jet and its part 2 of Bobbie Dooley’s interview of the Sklar Brothers!

Episode 79 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Michael Arcieri
    Michael Arcieri

    When Jay Santos of the C.A.P. pronounced the word “….ocean” he sounded EXACTLY like one of those Bawlmer locals in Hampden braggin’ about Ocean City, hon! I was laughing out loud, thanks Phil.

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    tom griffith

    Agreed pg13 raunchier sounding then the cussing stuff
    10+ YR listener …but I know phil could give a fuck less about that

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    John Pace

    Ok, well, let me leave out the one inflammatory remark (cursing is allowed on the show now so I wouldn’t consider it inflammatory on a paid membership site, but I know what comment you’re referring to) and repeat that it is very hypocritical of Phil to lay into people who say, “that doesn’t look good” when he says his reaction would be “that looks sad”. That’s no less idiotic or apparent than the other comment.

    Some thought would be wise prior to flying off a shallow handle.

  • Alex

    @John: No, that post will not get deleted; you’re more than welcome to voice your opinion.

    I had to delete your other posts due to their inflammatory and callous nature.

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    John Pace

    Ok, so my comment pointing out how hypocritical it is for Phil to bash on people who say, “that doesn’t look good” AND back it up gets deleted.

    Well, guess what? I also disagree that someone who is against gays is himself gay. I’m fine with homosexuals, but maybe the guy that isn’t just doesn’t like two dudes going at it. Doesn’t mean he’s gay.

    Will this comment get deleted?

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    Micah Hughes

    I don’t know if it’s the profanity(though it does help), but I’m finding the shows this week way funnier than they’ve been for a while! Thanks Phil!

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    William Crane

    I think you were a little harsh on a guys tweet. I watched the space shuttle blow up while I was on the phone with a friend, I believe I said much the same thing in the shock of the moment.

  • stephen steinbach
    stephen steinbach

    yes, the show is best at PG -13 with the occasional slur

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    Andrew Stahmer

    So far…
    …pretty DAMN good.

    I COMPLETELY agree with Tom…no need to turn the show into a visit into the boys locker-room!

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    tom vitek

    Love the new show and very glad the characters are still true to their personalities without a lot of cursing.

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