Hour 1:

“Madonna’s Childbirth: Live and Streaming!” RC Collins from Chatsworth believes that Madonna is an inspiration because she has given childbirth and still looks good. RC says it would help a lot of women if she broadcast her next childbirth live on the int

Hour 2:

“Guns In the Household” 68-year old gun owner Lloyd Bonifide claims it keeps his mind sharp and adrenaline up when he leaves a loaded weapon somewhere in the house with his 5-year old grandson. *Featuring the classic clip “Lloyd fights his way off hold.”

Hour 3:

“DB Cooper & the 3 Bears” Pilot Art Griego thinks passengers should be tested for alcohol before they board his plane. He then goes on to tell the amazing story of DB Cooper!

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    God I miss RC’s stint where he was “familiar with” things “on a cursory level”.

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    There at the end Phil breaks character to finish Art Griego’s sentence. Then he forgets that It was DB Cooper’s story and asks Art what the bear said to him to which her responds “He told me ‘Only You can prevent forest fires'”.

    This is an absolute classic. One of my very favorites (I heard it live in 6th grade)

  • Barry

    Hour 3. “The bear set his leg” I was crying

  • Barry

    Two stories about people breakin into cockpits more than a year before 911. They should’ve been like,” Gee, maybe we need locks on the door”.

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    Had the electricians in my house working on something. They thought Llloyd Bonifide was a certified nut.

  • Cary

    There was one RC Collins bit where he said the following two lines just a couple of minutes apart from each other:

    1) “I not never called the Jim Rome show.”
    2) “I’m familiar with it on a cursory level.”

    I still laugh my ass off at these two lines spoken by the same “kid”…

    RC the greatest. Oh, and “great show as always.”

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    I know this from several years ago, but RC is so freaking funny…on a counta…that and his continuous “we feel it’s…” Phil is a unique genius beyond compare…

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