Jeff Dowdder and Harvery Weirman had a debate about Dancing with the Stars with Jeff taking the con side but Harvey, imagining he could actually get a date with Nancy Grace, taking the pro side. Also Ted Bell and General Gaylen Shaw discussed SEALTeam 6 and the apparent discrepancy in stories concerning how the mission to kill Bin Laden was actually conducted. Ted felt the disgruntled SEALS should be reprimanded with the words “I will take a giant dump on you” and “You’ll be standing tall before the man.”

Margaret Grey and Bobbie Dooley debated Kim Kardashian’s size as her pregnancy becomes more evident with Bobbie predicting that a year from now Kardashian will be on oxygen, the size of a house with another kid on the way and Kanye will be at some club in VIP with a “thin, delicate, waif-like Asian……boy!”

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