An hour of Phil and the crew from KKSF, San Francisco, including Margaret & Frank Grey, Bob Green, one of Bob’s pissed off customers Harold Brewster, Bobbie & Steve Dooley, Bud, and Robert. Among other things, the finally settled sexual harassment suits (“corn” and bathroom graffiti) against Bob & Frazier Foods are discussed.

And we’ve got the full four-hour show in the videocast.

Episode 328 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    tom vitek

    Just listened. To me Phil is more of his old self without the cursing. I’ve said it before I have nothing against cursing when it fits the situation. Seinfeld dropping f bombs with Kramer would be ridiculous. Phil doesn’t need it and it’s usually a cheap out for a lot of his bits. Still love you Phil.

  • Bonnie Kliewer
    Bonnie Kliewer

    It was nice to hear a clean show for a change.

  • Larry Richardson
    Larry Richardson

    Yeah I was waiting for an accidental f-bomb too but Phil being the radio pro that he is restrained himself. I really enjoyed it!

  • David Comaty
    David Comaty

    Love that your back on the radio again! Now I can make one show go a lot further! Hope it brings tons of new fans!!!!!

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    sean pride

    This has to go in the classic vault….I can’t finish my blunt I’m laughing so hard

  • Nicole  McDonald
    Nicole McDonald

    Gender Confusion is a Sirius problem in third world nations. It is unusual to see it in North America

  • Nicole  McDonald
    Nicole McDonald


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    Everett Cook

    Great job Phil, and good work keeping clean for broadcast….

  • Kenneth Peabody
    Kenneth Peabody

    Somebody needs to fire that weather reporter. Jeeeesus Chriiiiist.

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