Hour 1:

“Honorary LAPD Badge” Phil is joined by student and aspiring police officer Dave Oliva. Dave is upset that LAPD has given an honorary badge to a little boy with a brain tumor.

Hour 2:

Phil talks about the California primaries, the gay marriage bill, and his washing machine he bought from Sears.

Hour 3:

“Faking an Orgasm” Chris Norton joins the program, he has compiled resource information to help guys know when a woman is faking an orgasm.

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  • Avatar

    Dave Oliva is such an impressive character (Barry: different times)

  • Barry

    Transvestite from Wichita. I noticed fag or faggot came up a few times throughout the episodes. You could say that on the sit back then? I don’t remember. You can’t say it in the podcasts now huh? I mean you could, but…..

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