The first hour started off with the “Dodgers vs Poor white trash” bit.

Phil then went into a rant about how presidents look dead when they get out of office.

David G. Hall then called into the show to bust on Phil about the Dodger bit, because the entire audience is white trash without dental coverage.

Roland Schwinn was on in the second hour as a gasoline expert. He said to go ahead and protest all you want about gas prices, but it will not do any good.

Bobbie doolie wrapped up the second hour to discuss her summer-tacular planning committee. Gail Newman is not tan, and Bobbie wants to throw her off the committie. They may place a lein on her home.

Phil then went on a rant about how he couldn’t tan as a kid. And Bud closed the show with his weekly Top 10, featuring guest Casey Kasem.

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    all of these dodger games are superb. i love when the noisy crowd suddenly is completely silent. also when the outfielder goes back to the wall and we are then told it was a “slow dribbler down the third base line.” great.

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    I would love to hear a show from the POV of Janice Greely and Gail Newman

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