Brad Rivkind talks with Phil about his personal trainer business and if that fails his cinnamon bun concession in some of the Las Vegas shopping malls. Rivkind sizes up people as they come through the door for training. If they are “cb” (corduroy burn…meaning the pants rubbing together at the thigh) he sends them directly to his cinnamon bun stand. “It helps balance my business interests.” Caller Randy Bingham, a former client of Brad’s, called as did Dr. Jim Sadler.

Margaret Grey, Frank Grey, Curt Queedy and Guy Barton discuss the Bin Laden killing one year later.

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    hour 1, may 1, this year not downloading. thanks.

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    U the man Darth!

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    Hey Phil,

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are an avant-garde and a success. I’ve been listening to you for 13 years, and I never get tired of what you do. I used to be a huge fan of Coast to Coast AM, but after Art left, it wasn’t the same. What you do, is very unique and intriguing. You are talented beyond belief. The simple fact that you have so many characters, and they all are different in their own ways, is incredible enough.

    You are a true comical genius and talent. And should be hoisted up, with many of the great comedy writers and actors. No doubt. Chill brotha, and have a good one…

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    Wow! Check out the chimp session early on. Maria must be taking Phil to the bank!

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    Anyone know when the Paul Gilmartin podcast with Phil is scheduled to be posted? Thanks!

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