Classic Hour

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Phil intros this encore from May, 2015. Listen to the pre show too. Phil must have been rolling in the dough, making plans for Europe etc. Anyway, live from the Sea Beast in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, Don Micksa and Don Berman and club owner Mike Ohoa gets a whiff of Micksa’s breath. Later on Larry Grover promotes Periscope.

The BSP Classic Hour is from June 2002. Paul Tubby Lane is a wildlife conservationist speaking about the Terry Barton wildfire.

Episode 1418 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Karolynn Decker

    Modern radio equipment isn’t designed for the amount of screwing around Phil does with different telephones and microphones to make his “caller” voices actually sound like other people. I’ve done enough audio editing with with music, etc. to realize that Phil isn’t only a genius voice actor, but he really is gifted as an radio show engineer. Thunder needs to man up and run the board for Phil.

  • Matin Taraz

    Oh Jezuz H Christ!….What’s with this “Levels” stuff you are so obsessed with?!!
    I’ve been listening for 19 years and you go through the same routine EVERY DAY!!!
    Please educate me…… Modern electronics and digital equipment hold their settings when you turn them off once they are set properly.
    What’s with your equipment that you go through this EVERY DAY?!!!!….. If my equipment was so crappy I would have off’d myself yeeeeears ago!….. Sorry about the rant Phil!

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