Classic Hour

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Phil rolls out a “Phil Classic” from January 2000. Roland Schwinn of Fat Pride protests the Atkins Diet by eating the exact same meals of Texas Death Row inmates.

The BSP-Only Classic is from December 1999. Margaret Grey joins the program to comment on the new painting of a feminine, black faced Jesus. Margaret believes the intent of the painting is to give Pope John Paul a heart-attack.

Episode 1158 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Walter Bellhaven
    Walter Bellhaven

    Classic shows over the panel any and every day of the week. Infuriated callers remind me why all of humanity should line the crawl spaces of tract housing and that makes it worth getting up in the morning.

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    David Mayurnik

    Hey Phil is there a new plan to phase out all original content? Just keep running encores and old shows in perpetuity? Why even differentiate between “The New Phil Hendrie Show” podcast and the “Classic” podcast?

  • Avatar
    Ken Ryan

    I am thankful for each and every new show.

    • Avatar

      All while you pay for new shows. Well said. If he is retiring just say it.

  • Anthony

    I used to love it but I can’t stand the call in shows anymore. I just want the panel. The callers are a bummer. They suck moosedong

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    Matin Taraz

    Phil!….. Buddy!…. Please crank up the volume on the webcast!…..Please!!!

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    Craig Johnson

    “Sooner or later that old Polak in him is gonna come popping up.”

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