Bob Green reprises his “no corn on the cobb to people with jacked up teeth” policy, this time talking to a man who claims to have green-grey teeth and halitosis breath and who still insists on buying corn cobbs. Ted Bell with “a prominent” overbite also calls in to see if he’ll qualify. “I’m Ted Bell. You’re telling me I can’t buy cobb?”

Bobbie Dooley explains to Phil and his audience that she had to fire another illegal immigrant live-in domestic because she refused to wipe Bobbie’s ass when Bobbie was unable to use her own hands due to wet nails from a manicure. Ms Dooley went on to say that there was no point in hiring American workers since “all they do is back-lip you.”

With Austin Amarca, Charlie LeFountain and Ralph.

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  • paddyandpeanut

    THE HOPPA! I *love* those commercials. John gets such a kick out of them (he's from Boston) – there are a whole mess of them on YouTube 🙂

  • Avatar

    Any long time (or short time for that matter) follower of PHS would have to recognize Colleen's brother is one of the funniest characters (along with their bizarre storyline) to come along since the 90's…Also, kudo's Phil for that "sausages" line from RC..

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    I think the show was live but with recycled material. Phil did a similar Bobbi Dooley April 10 2001.

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    If you guys breathed on me I'd have 3rd degree burns. That's funny!!

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    these had me rolling-so funny. i want to cd it and let my daughter listen on her way to work but i'm afraid she might have an accident from laughing too hard.

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    ted bell is the best

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    Is this a "Best of" or was it a live show last night?

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