Tonight, RC Collins, Bradley Military Academy cadet, is sure releasing the death pictures of Osama Bin Laden will be “too much for the average person.” RC is in training to be able to deal with “seeing a guys head blown up” But since the average citizen was throwing up after “127 Hours” they’ll be puking after the Bin Laden pictures.

Don Micksa from the University of Washington was on in the second hour questioning the “legality” of shooting an unarmed man and doing so after crossing into another country without that country’s permission to do it. “If you saw the cover of ‘The Daily'” (the University of Washington campus paper) says Don, “I was on the cover being followed by 200 students withy my fist in the air.” Whatever.

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    The only thing Bin Laden was guilty of is wanting a good night's sleep? Love it!

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    I love hearing people who don't get it saying that someone else doesn't get it. I wasn't even talking about you in general, but now I will since your overinflated level of self importance causes "my shit don't stink" narcissists such as yourself to take everything personally. YOU simply don't get it – you were the one getting self righteous telling everyone (because you think your values and opinions of what are acceptable to say or not are the only valid ones) that what the original poster said was unnacceptable. Take the plank out of your own eye before pointing out the splinter in someone elses.

    Man do these modern political correctness "tools" hate it when you call them on thier self entitled behavior – thought police ran amok.

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    Great show as always Mr. Hendrie!

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    ometeoino— your kidding right? I hardly ever comment on here.. But your shitting me with the "most offensive things Ive seen in a long time"??? Dont watch and dont pay for it… In fact, if thats offensive… Your out of touch with reality and what goes on in this world… If thats offensive, then how the hell do you listen to Phil Hendrie? Bad taste? Bad taste is going against the " code of war" — being a pussy, much like a terrorist, deliberatley hurting or indiscriminetly hurting civilians to cause fear, agendas, and religion… I hope to hell YOUR kidding… Until you have seen and done the things Ive done and see what people do to eachother… Get a fuckin life loser— You want offensive, I'll give you offensive… Terrorist in MY country, crashing planes into buildings, trying and succeding in setting weapons of mass destruction off to kill and injure innocent people…THATS OFFENSIVE…

    Thank a soldier, thank a policeman, and a fireman, and do something for your country instead of being a little bitch… Good idea tomtatham.. I got about a hundred other people that will be ordering, I'll take some buttered popcorn, a slurpee, and bon bons… And you see that little punk ass over there…his name is ometepino- he'll be pickin up the tab… Thanks

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    omfg that one caller sounded like Lloyd Bonafide!

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    RC's setup sucked… 12 minute conversation where RC basically says "I don't think Americans can handle seeing Osama's death photos"… That's the whole thrust, not funny one liners about civilians without guts, RC's not pumping himself up as a cadet (ie: Ready to eat his own guts, Rock n Roll from the gate etc), there is nothing. RC sounds like he's just come off an iv drip of pure opiates… very dull.

    The RC bit was a pretty dull listen. The callers talked over, ignored or downplayed RC and his measly thoughts. RC did not challenge the callers, he didn't really inquire for gory details (as he usually does), he didn't even really get smart assed (once with Phil). Hell, even Phil talked over RC. The callers (most of whom were in the Armed Forces) weren't funny, all said the same things.

    If you took RC out of the bit, and Phil just talked about the Osama pictures and took the same phone calls you wouldn't really miss much.

    RC sounds like RC on a healthy handful of downers. He's perfomed without his normal gleeful & excitable self… very morose. He's not attacking the callers or challenging them. Poorly performed and poorly planned.

    Don's setup was refreshingly (especially after the RC bit) compelling, entertaining and fairly funny. Great patriot bait… although it seems like a good Marg (as the liberal) or Dean Wheeler sort of material.

    After the 15 minute marks Don got off a couple of cuties, but the bit deteriorated badly from that point. The escalation of Don's raising his fist in the air was funny, but quite useless. A scenario like that needs to get fleshed out and discussed… it was simply Don asserting that he did something, that while briefly funny, without further information or discussion it gets cold. It needs to contribute to the main point, but it doesn't.

    On the Dannger scale…. 10 gay thumbs down and a sauerkraut fart.

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    Wow … Another braindead American… You just don't get it! By the way I do bleed and sweat plenty and I don't reside in the US. I am "in the trenches" on another front to America's south.
    Get off your self-righteous trips … If, and I do mean "if" you really do serve … God bless you and thank you but my point is lost on stupid people, soldiers or civilians.

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    I think what his point was, albeit presented inarticulately, was that spoiled pretentious Americans such as how you sounded don't "bleed", as you put it, any color at all. They don't even sweat. They sit back on their corpulent posteriors while a small minority actually does the bleeding and sweating. For some people, like those of us in Afghanistan, the sweat and blood isn't even a metaphor.

    Feeling entitled to endlessly spout what is offensive to you, expecting the world to take notice and alter its behavior, is not a rare or special thought today, its simply the most effort that the emasculated and ineffectual modernized metro-sexual male can surmise from his once boundless courage and bravery. Frankly the fact that something so small can even be considered offensive just demonstrates how out of touch most Americans really are with the true evils in this world. Evils that some of us have to look at in the face, and not simply hear about through the narrative voices of a politicized documentary we watch with like minded noneffectives while we incessantly opine to one another our feckless opinions.

    While I would agree that debasing one another as the two of you did is pointless, what isn't pointless is that when you feel, for some reason only narcissists seem to understand, entitled to beat everyone else over the head with what "offends" your dainty sensibilities, expect that someone will also feel the need to do so about what you just said. It works both ways. The days of expecting the world to take notice of all these numerous offenses without any other response besides capitulation is over.

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    The idiot who called me a bitch and implied I'm not a patriot is a DumbAss … You know nothing about me and you are way the F off my stupid fellow American. I bleed Red, White & Blue … God what a dumbass …!!!

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    I really hope tomtatham is kidding … If not his comment is one of the most offensive things I've seen in a long time … Its called BAD TASTE, amigo!!

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    They should release the video footage of the assault/killing of Osama through PayPerView, so only the people who want to see can watch it, and all the proceeds should go to the victims of 9-11. WIN WIN!

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    It appears you are correct. It looks like TRN uploaded the same raw audio for both nights. We'll get this fixed as soon as possible.

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    Am I missing something, because this seems to be the same audio for the 5/2 show. Help?

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