Hour 1: David G Hall, station manager, says Watergate informant Deep Throat was gay and in porn movies.

Hour 2: Phil explains the Watergate bullcrap with Frodo the puppet. Flashback request Ted Bell driving fast. Bakersfield chimp. Bob Bakian on Dave Chappelle.

Hour 3: Dr Husband Ginther on Fern Hill. 25 funniest people in LA. Lloyd Bonafide ranting about Memorial Day.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

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    Work in Green Bay he’s true to life but there are some nice houses there went past the stadium today coach was out waving

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    daren posey

    I’m a long time listener, I listen to king of the hill to see where your voice will appear. However your site is pissing me off, only some of your shows will download properly, check it out please. Nonetheless I’ll still listen to what I can, these shows are comedic genius.

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