Phil’s on set today for USA’s “Playing House”, so we’re bringing you a special encore episode for today’s podcast from October 2014. Chris Norton fills in for August Selsen on the “August Selsen Sexual Exploration Hour”. He brings on his buddies Justin Butterman and Dave Cavenan, who has a slight problem that threatens his friendship with the guys.

Episode 373 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Zachary Hoffman

    “I gotta lotta womens that bother me…
    …at Russy Pelican
    …Cleedmore Pharmaceuticals
    …on the Boardwalk as Hermossa Beesh
    …at Denny’s when I go for the Messican Scramble or the Granslam
    …when I stop off for a Bloody Mary at ChuChus
    …when I go to Mr. Pu’s to see my cousin Jeff Dowder”

    Damn, Chris! How do you even have time to guess-hoss the August Selsun Sess Esspert Hour???

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    I’d really like the Chris Norton theme music for my ringtone. That’s some sessy sass right there.

  • Troy

    Cove run 4 , looking forward to cove run 5 with dave riff raff cannon is so funny trying to talk to women , funny krick . Love you PHIL

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    I cried my way through this one. Too much. Gonna listen again now.
    BSP forever!

  • Darren Conner
    Darren Conner

    Let me go ahead and dump it on your neck.
    Best Line EVER !!!!!

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    Richard Sullivan

    Classic, Riff Raff Look. Sweet and tight.

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    One of the best ever!

    We definitely need more of Norton and Friends!

    How about a show about the aftermath of Cove Run 4?

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    Ken Forsee

    When will Chris make a Jessuns movie starring Elroy and his dog Assrow? ^_^

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