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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Show Log by Paul “Paulie” Dintino

Hour 1:
Steve Bosell starts the show this evening. He’s a construction contractor and is on to tell us that he came home and told his wife’s friend she has a “nice camel toe.” He’s suing the woman for canceling the contact for an addition he was going to put on her house and because she has no sense of humor. Flashback with Paul Tubby Lane.

Hour 2:
Bobbie and Steve Dooley ask two gay homeowners at Western Estates to move because one is HIV positive. They are responsible for Western Estates winning “Gated Community of the Year” in Spa Life magazine but they still gotta go. Flashback with where R.C. Collins has some fresh ideas about capturing Osama Bin Laden.

Hour 3
Phil talks about the news of Phil firing Bud Dickman made a radio website! Punchy Sanderson and George Foreman host the Vernon Forest Vs. Michael Jackson fight. Phil talks about Eminem’s boyhood going on sale on Ebay.


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