Tonight, leading the first hour off was German writer Shoel Heller who was perplexed by Americans and their going back and forth come election time. “First you like Obama, then you don’t, then you do, then you don’t. ” At this rate, said Mr. Heller, with Germany looking to America for its example, “we might as well go back to National Socialism. Good strong leadership and we’re not flip-flopping every two years.”

Later came Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police. Jay and his “sub-commanders” were at polling places today looking at the way people are dressed. “Some of these people were not dressed appropriately. One guy had a pic in his hair and another guy had on swim trunks. I saw another woman wearing a Van de Kamps waitress uniform.” Jay said he and his men were sending people home to get into suits and formal head wear until the LA County Sherrif showed up and “made us sit on the curb all lined up like bitches” so that people driving by made fun of them in their bermuda shorts and pith helmets.

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    Loved the Santos bit Phil. It's getting better.

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    Loved you taking the headphones off and sticking your finger in your ear at about 1:03

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    I picked you up on Tuesday night on WWKB in Buffalo. I live in Montreal. I was listening to the poat-midterm election news on all the American stations that drift in at night. Your interview with Jay Santos of the Citizen's Auxiliary Police was the most hilarious thing I have heard in years! This guy Jay could make some real money as a stand-up comedian but the poor jerk is clueless. He never did answer your most disturbing question – how many voters did not vote thanks to Jay's fashion police? They should make a movie about this guy – not that he deserves any notoriety. It was so unbelievable that such a moron exists in real life. It was worth the lost sleep to get a good laugh. Hope I can pick up your show again. Way better than Coast to Coast.

  • blouseclowns

    Amen JR, I miss the shit out of Carl Chodillia.
    And Amen Phil, WOLF! WOLF, goddammit! Not Wuff, Not Wuvs, Wolf, plural WOLVES. Dumb slack jawed fuckers.

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    I agree with Joey. I used to dream for YEARS to be Phil''s assistant or producer. Couldn't IMAGINE anything cooler or more fun. Whoa Phil. The rants I've heard come out of you in the last few weeks have been crazy. While I will always be the biggest fan til I die, I would've walked out as producer flipping the bird with both hands in waving motion with a final salute. "Ahem. Now then…"

    Could we have some thanksgiving cooking shows with Carl Chidilia (sp?)soon? I really miss that character. Also we (friends/family) all love it when a caller pronounces something wrong or expresses a lame opinion and your characters NEVER EVER let it down and embarrass the SHIT out of them while they desperately try to make a point. LOVE IT!!!! Keep making fun of callers until someone they know eventually breaks "the secret" to them at work, school, etc.

    Lastly, PLEASE mellow on the stress, smoking, drinking, and screaming at Jason. WHY? because we all want you around for a LONG LONG time! A friend of mine thinks I will commit suicide if something were to happen to you. Your show honestly is something I look forward to at the end of a long day. My wife calls you my addiction instead of tv, movies, alcohol, everything. Thanks Phil for being my distraction from life for a few hours a day. I really mean it. JR

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    @vrubio: CAPS LOCK is cruise control for cool. amirite

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    OK, I got the videocast. Phil, I love ya but you are acting like a fucking prima donna! Why do you treat jason like shit? It's painful to watch and I am embarrassed for you. You got the best show anywhere so enjoy it.

    Maybe these half ass haters who comment are making you feel stressed? Well don't sweat it cause the show is still funny. Whenever something people like goes away for a while, people romanticize it and only remember the cream of the crop. When it comes back, there are always those who say, "It was better before, I was there in the good old days" Fuck those idiots!

    BTW: I liked Ted's better at the old location in the valley before he sold out and moved to Beverly Hills

    thanks for being there and making me laugh at work

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    no videocast? Damn

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