It was Vernon Dozier talking with Phil about Jack Taylor, the college basketball player who scored 138 points Tuesday night… Llloyd Bonafide meanwhile called in to remember “Bevo” Francis who held the previous mark of 116 pts from 1953. Lloyd pronounced it “bee-vo” by the way which Margaret said was “disgusting.”

Doug Dannger, self described ‘gay man and gay journalist’ and using his patented ‘gay shorthand’ speech’ reported on San Francisco’s nudity ban. He accused a straight group called “Friends,” a group that opposes the ban, of doing an obscene nude yoga in the Castro. “They bend over, spread, feel up there,” he said using the so-called shorthand….

Chef Carl Chodillia made a guest appearance on “Ironswine” as well as a brief appearance with Phil mourning the loss of Hostess…

Frank Grey almost lost it with Margaret, by the way, when he couldn’t pin her down on why she says Portland is so “eclectic.”

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    "Fix the hold button"….lmao

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    Lloyd Bonifide breaking off of "Hold" had me falling out of my chair facing a window. I have only had the BSP for a few months and I have enjoyed every show.

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    Good to hear from Chef Chodillia. He's one of my family's favorites from way back. I definately think Chef could start making a comeback now that Phil has lost all the weight. The inner "fatass" that Phil may still have inside could manifest itself through Chef. As a slightly overweight dude myself, I always have an inner fatass guilt tripping me over what I eat.

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