There is acrimony around as the crew talks about Ferguson. Phil and the General almost come to blows, pardon the expression. Maybe “almost get into a fight” is better.

Dave Oliva talks about proper police methods, and Bobbie and Steve Dooley discuss events in Missouri.

Larry Grover plays an arcade “Police Combat” game and keeps running out of quarters as he gets slaughtered every game…

Episode 258 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Episode 258……great show Phil.

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    Classic Phil. Love to listen to him vent like that If you disagree with the shit he was saying your ARE a bigot, you just won’t admit it.

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    Chris Glenn

    I went back and listened to this show a second time today, and I want to follow up my previous comment with a couple more points. (Also say I completely agree with Rudolph Morgan) Truth is nobody can with any certainty say someone is or isn’t a racist.. That’s something deeply embedded in the hearts and minds of individuals (some more deeply than others). However, using my knowledge of Phil from listening for years I find calling him a racist and anti-police ridiculous. First off, this is a show based in satire which is always difficult following a tragic or controversial event. Also, Phil is running this show independently now at an age that is rather impressive for the amount of characters he is able to pull out of his hat. It is extremely talented but also can make it difficult when sprinkling in actual beliefs, feelings, and passions. One thing I can say is Phil has ALWAYS disliked the treatment of African Americans and I can think of numerous occasions he’s made similar statements.

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    Chris Glenn

    I’m not going to sit here and say Phil is a racist or isn’t but I CAN tell you from YEARS of listening to his shows he has never come off as a racist or anti cops. I think occasionally Phil will try to present certain sides to things and it comes off a certain way. No matter what it was a lose lose to make anyone happy the day after the events that occurred but if you have not listened to Phil for years I would suggest not jumping to conclusions about personal views. I can tell you I saw things that upset me greatly as I watched the proceedings unravel on television. I was upset at the people’s actions in riot. I was upset with how the announcement occurred. I was upset with a lot, and for full disclosure I am an early 30’s white male. Bottom line is my emotions over that night has nothing to do with my overall feelings on race, police, or politics period. Thus I really do feel that as all these emotions are welled up inside, we need to take a couple days to reflect on who is a racist or anti police. As for Phil I find it ridiculous based on my knowledge of his show and history to call him a racist. I also urge those in law enforcement to listen to his shows in past and you will find a plethora of pro-police rants/positions.

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    Mark Wagner

    In other news, Phil Hendrie gets his “Great White Hope” card punched on the way out the door by Al Sharpton by proclaiming to have had sex with black women in the past. Hey Phillip, show me the biggest racist in the country and I’ll show you a guy that will sleep with any women of color he finds attractive. Having sex with black women does not mean you understand the black experience. Growing up in the stark white suburb of Arcadia does not you understand blacks. As the other fan suggested, why don’t you become familiar with the facts before taking a side. The night before the Grand jury’s decision you stated that your predictable White listeners would ignore “all” of the witnesses that said Brown had his hands up and would side with the cop. Two days later I saw some of the Grand jury evidence on MSNBC and it showed that five witnesses reported Fat Ass was charging the officer and only one stated that Donut Boy had his hands up. When will you apologize to us?

  • Rudolph Morgan
    Rudolph Morgan

    I listened to the broadcast in its entirety. It was offensive to those who saw themselves in your comments.I knew that someone would try to call you racist, etc., etc. I knew that even some blacks would be offended by your use of language and characters point of view. I knew some cops would be offended for your factual portrayal of bad cops and racist cops—-especially the racist bad cops! It was brilliant! This show was award-winning! Don’t give in–don’t stop! If I want pablum I would be listening to Hannity—————AND I DON’T!!
    Keep doing what your creative mind says and remember–you have a thousand characters, and me behind you!!!

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    Adam Ray

    Phil’s hyper “anti-racist” acts are so overdone they don’t seem genuine. It reminds me of closeted homosexuals that are so ashamed of themselves they rail constantly against homosexuals.

    His generalizations about blacks and their attitudes toward law enforcement etc. confirm his stereotypical viewpoints.

    I think at heart Phil is definitely a closeted racist but doesn’t want to be.

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    Everett Cook

    Note from an extreme pragmatist: down here on earth so far the only publicized instances of white cops capriciously gunning down unarmed minority folks is local Cletus’s out of blind fear and ignorance (I reject strictly hatred). Again so far, no accounts of involvement by staties or feds..thinking a few percent of the millions spent on military grade gear should go to training the yokels on the chance that professionalizing them is possible…I could rave for pages but already nobody is reading…your move.

  • Daniel Shaw
    Daniel Shaw

    Disgusting Phil. There are asshole cops, I have been great and highly decorated cop for 17 years. You obviously haven’t read everything. Eyewitnesses, under oath, stated the second individual grabbed Wilson’s leg and tried to pull him out of the car. Brown, obviously assaulted a merchant, who was half his size as their is video evidence. Would I have done what Wilson did, no. I would have backed off, reassessed, and called for back-up. Phil, you are not a cop. Until you have walked in our shoes, you know nothing. I listened to about 10 minutes of your non-sense, and had to turn it off. 100% insulting.

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    Bryce Verna

    Please cancel my membership- thank you

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    Karolynn Decker

    To be fair to Phil, he is right about Sean Hannity being a dumb cunt.

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    Tom Burkett

    I must agree with you. He seems a bit off the rails lately

  • Rick Mantler
    Rick Mantler

    This is the first time I’ve heard Phil sound like he’s genuinely suffering from a serious mood disorder. I hope we have something other than Phil vomiting incoherent venom all over the pre-show induced by overconsumption of social media. Easing off a little on the white self-hate and shame would be a good place to start.

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