Hour 1:

Phil rants about affiliates, his voice, and watching the Grey Cup. Justin McAlroy calls in to ask Phil a question about the Canadian Football League. Phil plugs the upcoming CD signing, reads some listener e-mail, and talks about Raquel of Toronto.

Hour 2:

Herb Sewell is an ex-child molester who recently took a job as a local mall Santa to help him research for a book he’s writing.

Hour 3:

Vernon Dozier is on with Phil discussing women’s cramps and the workplace. He thinks if women take time off of work for cramps, men should get time off for sports. He wanted to call in sick because the Angel’s lost. He lost money from a bet, and drank way to much and felt he could not function at work.

  • Tom Tatham
    Tom Tatham

    Herb is a legend. I love it when Travis calls in and Herb is “having fun with the boy”

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