Tuesday, October 1, 2002


HR 1 – Phil discusses Las Vegas Hotel porn and why to “tell them you want your porn ‘uncut’”.  Tribute to Anaheim Angels baseball manager Mike Scioscia (or as Harry Carey says “suh-koh-shuh).  Phil contemplates suicide before finally being able to play flashbacks of David G Hall on Health Insurance. Phil goes through the story of porn star Johnny “THE WAD” Holmes and the gruesome, gruesome details of the Wonderland murders in advance of the release of Lions Gate film ‘Wonderland’.  Phil interviews Deb Turner at a women’s professional basketball fundraiser about President Bush and the war in Iraq.  Deb explains why she is lobbying for Congress to grant Barbara Streisand access to cabinet level meetings and national security briefings and answers to callers for her thoughts.
HR 2 – Phil and Larry Grover discuss Larry threatening to sue his wife for custody of his kids because of his daughter “walking the line of sexuality” by joining the cheerleading squad because they “demand action from men which impotence in men down the road. “The Hoop is hot, make that shot!”

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    That was a great opening monologue: "Phil's Guide to Hotel Porn" Now the part about complaining to the management, that was really broadcast excellence, you could excerpt that to fill in for the weekly "good old Americana" segment w/ Charles Kuralt on any Sun. morning network show

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Thanks for “Philling” some blanks here, Rock!

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    + Larry Grover traumatized by cheerleaders, hr. 3

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