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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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Phil and the crew talked right out of the gate about Michael Brutsch, the so-called 'worst troll on the Internet', who was outed by Gawker and lost his job. Then they went into a discussion of the meningitis outbreak that killed 16 people and may have been traced to a drug company in New England....

Frank Grey came onboard and gave Phil advice on what to eat when he ends his diet, saying Margaret eating chocolate after ending her diet created an "ass explosion" in the bathroom.

RC Collins recollected the time he refused to get into a fellow cadet's car because it was all tricked out "into a beaner wagon"and David G. Hall called in to tell Phil to watch it with the racial terms, what he called the big four; "the n-word, the s-work, the k-word, beaner, beanermobile and taco bender." When Phil said there were more than four of them David said "there are 11 teams in the Big 10 too."


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