Hour 1:

Phil speaks with Professor Robert Leonard about the MTA strike. Professor Leonard believes the strike would still be going on even if Rev.Jesse Jackson was not involved. He’s not a right wing wacko, he’s Combover Boy… listen to him rip off Phil’s materi

Hour 2:

National Abortion Voucher Republican Vernon Dozier is offering the pick up the tab of abortions for girls who agree to become lifelong republicans. Phil talks about his neighborhood.

Hour 3:

La Casa De La Carne Restaurant & bar owner Rudy Canosa says he makes his waitresses wear short shirts & three inch heels because they’ll get better tips and find themselves a man. Phil discusses life insurance.

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    Ugh… Another show where Phil sets up a weak premise and then rages when it doesn’t go the way he imagined.

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    carla kaminski

    F you Killerbuckeye… Don’t subscribe… And go fall in a hole

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    Without a doubt the worst fucking episode I ever listened to. Wow Phil do you embody white guilt in that first hour. If whites can't speak on black isses thanno race can speak on anothers. Couldn't even make it throgh the first hour and refused to listen to the rest. It was amateur hour Phil. What the fuck. There are times when you let the dumbest fuckers go on way too long and then you cut off others that you could play around with a bit. Only cut them off if they literally start going racist. I know it's your show butnot veryone has to agree with you. I know you believe we're the white devil but it's time to realize racism is a universal thing and white guilt is a sin of the past. To hell with me making up for ast generations sins. Wake up.

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