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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Day two of mental health time, this show is from October of 2014. Topics ranged from protecting our children as jihadists ramp up recruitment, which was led by Bobbie and Steve Dooley, to an interesting offshot which was that the song wasn’t called “Hang Down Your Head, Tom Dooley” but rather “Hang Down your Head, Steve Dooley.” Plus Richie Bougainvillea reports from Kansas City on game two of the World Series.

The BSP Classic Show, three big hours, is from December 2002. Vernon Dozier is a high school football coach who thinks it’s rude to sit in your car with your blinkers on waiting for someone to come in from a store. Bobbie Dooley from Western Estates Parent/Teacher association is on to talk about “A Christmas Carol.” Don Burman from Channel 19 News is having Muhammad replace Santa this year because Muhammad didn’t do anything to have people follow him.

Episode 1273 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Back it up and Move it forward, LMAO !!

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Hilarious classic Vernon!!

  • Terry Harn

    Phil, stop going to the rabid anti-Trump news sites. They’re not doing you any good. Seriously, we’re not in a Handmaid’s Tale tyrannical dystopia. Things are actually not bad.

    • P. Allgood
      P. Allgood

      “Things are actually not bad”
      Words from someone who doesn’t mind living in a country under the rule of an avowed “nationalist.”

      • Mumblix Grumph
        Mumblix Grumph

        A ‘Nationalist” is someone who puts their nation first. Forgive me for not seeing the horror in that.

        • Jacob

          Nationalist movements are toxic to both international diplomacy and the well-being of minority populations. Source: the last century of human history

        • P. Allgood
          P. Allgood

          No, a “patriot” would be more appropriate of a term, and your so-called president already knows this. Look up the term “nationalist” and see what it actually means in relation to Hitler and Mussolini. You don’t see the horror in it because you’re a white male IQ 45 supporter. You can love your country, and at the same time love people of all races, colors and creeds WITHIN that country. Your ilk is sending package bombs to people they don’t like in the name of “nationalism.” So you can kill that noise right now if you don’t see the horror.

          • John

            No, a “Patriot” was A Continental Army soldier. The Nationalist was General George Washington.

          • John

            AND you brought up the commenters race.Then, in the next sentence, you basically called him racist! Love it!!!

      • mloscherffg

        Ironic that someone with the last name Allgood should think the opposite…

  • Don MacDonald

    Take care, Phil.

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