Hour 1: Bob Green CEO of Frazier foods is on the program to talk about the story of the hotel owner in Taos New Mexico who told his Mexican employees to change their names and to not speak spanish in front of him. Bob is doing the same type of thing in his store by renaming the ethnic foods to Americanize them so Americans can understand them better. He claims that most Americans don’t know what a Tortilla chip or salsa is.

Hour 2: The White House continues to attack Fox News. Phil offers some commentary about this. Then he takes some phone calls. Chris Norton comes on the show to talk about the fact that Levi Johnston is going to pose for Playgirl magazine. Chris thinks only men will see this. He says that Levi has been emasulated by Sara Palin. Then Phil talks about climate change.

Hour 3: Jack Armstrong comes on the show to talk about Fox News and CNN. He says that people who watch Fox News aren’t too bright. Fox is boring for liberals and progressives. Then the stories we couldn’t get to.

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