Hour 1:

Phil welcomes Robert Green, author of the book “What Were We Thinking?” who believes the late Steve Allen was an untalented, unfunny “has been.” Phil explains what it’s like to be a step-dad.

Hour 2:

Pilot Art Griego joins the program to talk about the jet that went down in Singapore, Art explains that it’s dangerous to fly on Halloween and why some pilots see gremlins on the wing of the plane. Phil reads from the congressional medal of honor website

Hour 3:

Program director David G. Hall joins the program, he wants Phil to retool his show to feature more tabloid events such as demonic possession and exorcisms. Phil explains how hard it is to get on the air and talks about buying land in Mexico.

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    David G Hall’s comment about “Phil, if you don’t shut up I’m gonna come down there and kick you right in the balls…” Absolute LOL
    Then the lady says she’s gonna come down there and kick David in the balls…Good Lord!!! AHHAHAHAHAHAHHA

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