The panel is back and immediately begin wondering whether Phil’s making some move to oust them permanently. Margaret sings the song “Misty” by Johnny “ma-THIS” (French pronunciation). Chef Carl Chodillia battles chest pains after punching out Ted Bell and harassment from Raj Feneen to present his recipe for Jalapeño meat loaf (he says he’s using ground turkey, but he isn’t really). Jack Eigagder and Bret Moreson report on Sunday’s Milwaukee Lions game (Spoiler Alert: they give the final score). Larry and Gloria Grover discuss the split in the (as Larry calls it, to attract more black members) “Blapublican Party.”

Episode 483 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Gary Harper

    Thank you for the clip on the police officer and the donut company. I think it’s time for you to fire your doctor. I can see you are struggling with fatigue issues. I highly recommend Dr. Stuart Silverman in Los Angeles. Rheumatologist, Head of Bone Health for Cedars and expert witness on Fatigue issues. Get prescription drug Modafanil. It will put your fatigue into check. No dependency problems with that drug.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Thanks. But Dr Emory saved my life, he’s the single greatest doctor on earth.

  • Brena

    Chef Carl segment was hilarious! It’s also good to hear from Raj hope he returns soon. I could not stop laughing and once Chef Carl stated his meatloaf serves up to one person I completely lost it. Thanks Phil

  • Avatar

    OMG the cooking segment is gold!

  • Chris

    Chef Carl cracks me up!

  • Andrew

    Chef Carl daily is a great addition. Beyond recipes you can maybe have him review food again. You once had him review McDonald’s latest quarter-pounders and it was gold… So much saliva.

  • Brian Seldt
    Brian Seldt

    where do I get in line to help Margaret up the ladder?! 😉

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