Phil discussed the future of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise with Margaret saying Johnny Depp is still a “wonderfully viable actor” and Doug Dannger saying that Johnny’s best days “have come and gone.” Dr. Jim Sadler demonstrated a kind of “aerobic yoga” that enabled one to “touch your own backside with your nose.” But in so doing it sounded to Phil that Dr. Sadler was undergoing “the tortures of Torquemada.”

Also Ted Bell and Steve Bosell came on to promo their “Almost NFL game of the Week.” Ted told Steve that if he was going to do color commentary he was going to have to “man up and not sit near a pond with your little friends the crickets to chill out…..jesus.”

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  • Charles Parker
    Charles Parker

    Pretty funny when the guy got his nose in his own butt! Lol

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    david bell

    please change the redskins to the rednecks. eric the reds, because he might have been a minnesota viking. go steelers!

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