Dave Castorini from the Castorini Youth Ministries joined the show tonight to talk about his ‘prayer counselors,” young women he can send over to Marcus Bachmann’s house for “six solid hours of good, honest sex” so there’s no doubt about his heterosexuality….

Jay Santos followed up with Phil about last weeks San Diego blackout and how a restraining order was filed against him and the Citizens Axiliary Police for entering a woman’s home thinking she may be in danger only to find her sitting on the toilet.

Also, Roland Schwinn made brief appearance representing people “who take up lots of space” He is joining a lawsuit against White Castle. His claim concerns what he says is “too much distance between the seats and the condiments and that I get winded getting up to get ketchup.”

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    Jason was a good kid. If he left because of the frustrating relationship he and Phil had (Jason was NEVER able to please him), he didn't say so…which was a classy move on his part,. Never burn your bridges, I say. Now burning your britches, that can be fun…and healthy!

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    Jason went to Seattle, KIRO to be specific.

  • plunderpants

    Very thorough explanation, Danny. Way to go.

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    Jason is done.

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    Been busy the last few weeks, and unable to follow Phil's show. I got a question: What happened to Jason the producer? Was he fired or did he finally have enough of PH? Just wondering..

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    Jason had taken a job as an assistant program director, or something like that, at a different station.

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