Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Hour 1: Vernon Dozier is cheating on his wife, and he says it’s because he’s trying to get this girl to stop stripping. His wife is upset. We also find that Vernon sleeps with his wife’s mother and sister.

Hour 2: Margaret Gray wants Christopher Reeve to be the first to walk again so that he can scare all the Arabs.

Hour 3: VARIETY.

  • Rogelio Campos Jr
    Rogelio Campos Jr

    I have been listening to Phil’s shows chronologically and occasionally when Phil reports on a news story from the past, I will look up and see if there are any current updates. Regarding the Killpacks who were charged with killing their adoptive daughter in 2002 by misapplying their family therapist advice of bonding by means of forced water drinking. The father, Richard Killpack, was acquitted of murder. However, Jennette Killpack, the mother, was found guilty and served six years in prison. But I found out that Jennette Killpack is currently working as a Senior Manager of Child Development. I know people make mistakes and in some cases, people deserve a second chance. But what parent or child welfare agency in their right mind, would actually get advice from this woman. VERY … INTERESTING!?!

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