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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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Tonight's show featured an appearance by Jay Santos of the Citizens Axilliary Police to provide information to the public on dealing with resisting suspects. Jay's main point is all bets are off if a suspect puts their hands on the officer...or "ociffer" in Jay-speak. If the suspect puts their hands on the cop, whether the suspect is a 10 year old girl or an 80 year old man procedure calls for collaring the individual around the head or shoulders and running them, head first, into any stationary cement or asphalt object.

Next, the story of a man video-taping a child molester's confession and putting it on YouTube, inspires Phil to bring on Norther California Holistic Center Director Dean Wheeler who was secretly taped by his wife Belinda slapping her when she lost some money and papers for the center. Dean feels the real crime was not him slapping his wife but her secretly recording him doing it. He also slapped her when she added "too much gluten to a walnut loaf she was making. I have Celiac disease which causes my stool to be oily," says Dean. But Deans says he's evolved. He used to hit her with a balled up fist and now uses his open hand. Soon, he'll evolve to the point where he'll remove his rings.


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