Phil’s voicing some characters for TripTank over at Comedy Central today, so we’ve cut up another “Best Of” for the podcast.

The show started with Bob Green, who came on the program to again defend Donald Sterling who called his wife Rochelle a “pig” in court during a hearing to determine Sterling’s mental competence. Bob said Sterling was driven by Rochelle Sterling’s meddling to go underground to look for women and had to settle for “this Stiviano like he was waiting in an alley for it, threw a few dollars its way and then went into a back room with a filthy mattress, held his nose and went ahead and did it.”

Then Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police discussed new TSA rules regarding phone and laptops with dead batteries. Jay also was contending with “L’s Palsy,” a condition whereby you swallow your L’s to the point of strangling.

Dr. Ed Elcott closed the show this morning with Sugarman Davies, an Elcott Preserve, as the two men discussed all things “Elcott-The Next Step” including the two basic primal forces, squirrel and Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, the family of Sugarman Davies, his wife Sugarwoman, daughter Sugarbabie, a woman he had an affair with, Sugar Shack and the Elcott “slut” Sugar Baby and finally how Sugarman Davies became a spreadable, apricot preserve, the highest level of Elcott priesthood.

Episode 213 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Need some Chris Pootay!

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Great show(don’t listen to pre-show, too much anger) but great show, Bob ,Jay and Elcott very entertaining, really liked it a lot, thanks Phil.

  • Avatar
    Jason Robinson

    More Dr. Ed Elcott! That is some random funny shit!

  • Avatar
    Jim Briggs

    You’re paying for it, so I guess that makes you his bitch.

    But keep going, you’re doing well.

  • Paul Palfey
    Paul Palfey

    For those of you missing the pre-show ’cause of the Best Of, here what the pre-show would have sounded like:

    “What’s with this fucking camera? Hold on……….Fuck………….The Sony….wait……Fuck……………….God Damn it…………Now the screen is locked………..You know, these fucking companies………..”

    This from the voice of a guy who proclaims he is the best broadcaster in modern times.

    Ever heard a KGO broadcast sound like that?

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