Don Berman of Channel 19 News was bemoaning the lack of guts that today’s TV field reporters display. Why, when Don was a young reporter he saw the FBI blow up a casino that reportedly had a bomb in it and Don was as close as two blocks away; behind a police barricade, yes, but still he could have been hit with debris like a shard of a glass “slicing right through my head!”

Obamacare, Syria and the “filibuster” of Ted Cruze were the topic in a debate between Vernon Dozier and Jack Armstong. Dozier thought it was very wrong of Armstrong to assume that the Iranian Ayatollah speaking before the UN was actually a Tea Party guy in costume..

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  • Karen Tullo
    Karen Tullo

    Hour 3 with Don Mixa was a scream.

  • Michael Arcieri
    Michael Arcieri

    Spanish peanuts…

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    timothy markus


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    timothy markus

    The reporter in Kenya sous like and is as informative as ATT outsourcer.

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