Phil had another mini-meltdown in between Quinn Collins, Larry Grover and Margaret Grey. However, Phil must endeavor because that is his destiny. His ass is to hump and hump and there’s nothing that will change it. So quit bitching Hendrie, man-up and see this bullshit through. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, so too will our intrepid hero!

Also Bud and Robert had a debate over Romney (Bud’s guy) and Obama (Robert’s favorite)…

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    Phil…I just saw the whole videocast for Wednesday…just know that you're awesome …best radio show BY FAR!

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    Phil is at his best when jerking around rube some calling in from driving a truck across in the middle of the Sonoran Desert…I have to say I am surprised to see it's another 25 bucks to listen to the best of Bobby…dropping $120.00 a year already…that's not enough to be able to hear it…

  • tsnodl

    phil hendrie= king of tedium.
    i can't believe this is what the PHS has turned into and that I paid for this drivel. for God's sake, butch up man.

  • justjim2

    "Truth is our bitch" is it really needed as a recurring segway? I have to turn down the motorola whenever it comes up.

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    Go to hell you asshole!

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    cmwillhite: Stick to you're day job, Living in moms basement and on unemployment, If you are for real, then you should do you're own show.Very good ideas . I see you don't even have a web page! [ url ] Check out ,Its only 9.95 a month for a web site.

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    After watching this show, I have an idea. I have listened to almost everything you have archived on your website. As soon as the callers enter the program, I go on to the next bit. I find the callers boring and sometimes embarrassing to listen to. What I do like is the exchange between you and your character's depicting some of our hidden idiosyncrasies. For example, Vernon Dosier refusing to give up his Christmas parking spot or Larry Grover's fear of being gay. The magic in my opinion comes from the character who is totally outrageous, but believes what their doing is extremely important-such as most of Jay Santos earlier bits. Combine that with a host who is just naive enough to find the character somewhat believable, and it makes for an entertaining 20 minutes or so. My idea for finishing out your current contract is to write some new bits such as the one's you did through 2004 and do not ask for any callers. Combine the new bits
    with bits from the past, and repeat these show often, so you have ample time to create quality new exchanges between you and your characters. You could also bring out bits from the past and rework them.

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