Should we continue to feel guilty about what happened to the Native Americans? Phil rants on video. Watch it!

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    This rant about the "poor" Indians is the exact argument I've been making for years, and it also applies to the Americans' enslavement of blacks. Red-Whitey-and-Blue did NOT invent violence and slavery. It's a human invention; and had the Indians owned better weapons and transportation, history might have turned out very different (there'd be British casinos everywhere). And since I brought it up, blacks were enslaving blacks long before George Washington dipped his peter in the chocolate. Destroying one another seems to be what human beings do.

    Hey, I'm still a liberal cheesedick (liberals are whiney cheesedicks, conservatives are evil assholes), but facts are facts. Human beings are selfish and violent, just like every other animal. Don't even get me started on cat lovers. You cat fanatics think cats are so much better than humans? Ever see a cat torture a mouse? Cruel shit.

    None of this means I think what the settlers did to the Indians is okay, in and of itself. If it came down to a vote, I'd vote against it. Anyone who disagrees would–I promise you–rant and scream and wave his arms indignantly if the government were to suddenly seize his house. We all love making a fuss when we're the ones who are being victimized. Then it's "an outrage."

    But even though I think the Indians got a raw deal, I can't help but quote Carlos Mencia when he "sympathized" with the plight of the Mexicans, who were driven south as America expanded. Mencia admitted that it was cruel and all that, kicking them out of their territory, "but hey. . .look what WE did with the place."

    Phil is right. Progress occurs with pockets of people experiencing change (my paraphrasing). I, for one, am glad expansion occurred. Few of us would have been born had the butterfly of the past flapped its wings differently.

    If you don't mind my cheesedick opinion on the term "hero," mentioned in the rant-cast, I'd like to say that we have too many false heroes in the world. A hero isn't a kid who raises money for the elderly. A hero isn't some asshole who joins the marines to escape the girl back home, whom he knocked up. I subscribe to the literary definition. You're not a hero until you make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good.

    Getting sent to Iraq against your will does not make you a hero, by the way. I appreciate our troops, but I also appreciate the guy in the power plant who sends electricity to my laptop. I appreciate the dudes who haul away my garbage. I appreciate the maid who cleans my motel room and the talk show host who entertains the hell out of me. We're ALL doing our part, and I'm not going to buy a ribbon and call every American soldier in Iraq a hero.

    And now I've failed to suck the dicks of our troops, so I best retreat, as the hail of tomatoes come hurtling my way.

    • Van Nostrand
      Van Nostrand

      Wow, you’ve got it all figured out don’t you? HA! Not all is what it seems my friend.

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    Love the rants. He vocalizes many thoughts I have.

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    Phil's rants are gospel. Even if I'm not on board with the message, even if HE'S not on board with the message, he has a was of selling it, a way of planting two feet and pounding it home if you'll pardon the expression.

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    Awesome. video rants on demand. .. yea

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    Cool i can watch this now.
    Missed it live.
    Happy Thanksgiving Phil.

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