Leading the show off tonight was Larry Grover, chairman of Conservatives of Kern County, who has second thoughts about Sarah Palin being the face of the Tea Party Movement. For starters she’s very “matriarchal.” She reminds men too much of a shrill mother calling them home for dinner, a mother with booze on her breath and maybe the front of her robe open. Larry knows. His mother came on, later in the hour, and managed to tell the audience Larry isn’t circumcised The next hour it was Dr. Jim Sadler who told Phil’s listeners that even though Larry King may have screwed around on his wife, like Tiger Woods did to his, Larry is so respected, so loved and so needed by the American people he could be caught with an infant in a parked car and still be on the air the next night. The last hour was Phil rant time as he pronounced Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul dead meat for the 2012 presidential run. Phil also sounded off on another “parent”, this one suspicious of third grade boys being told to dress up as women for a class project because it “promotes the gay agenda.”

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    Oh man, Pamela Anderson got both barrels!

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    Wow…a Sonny Bloch reference. Haven’t heard that name since he passed on in 1998.

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    mark my words…this summer when iphone is available with verizon…suddenly att will have cheaper plans and better service

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    Phil, it sounds like you need a trip to the Beverly Hot Springs or anyplace you can relax for a while… again we’re afraid you’re going to blow a gasket and we’re going to lose out on our backstage pass investment 😉

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    holy shit phil..i have at&t too for almost 2 years, i cant tell you how many times my internet does not work on my phone, my service is interupted, and they do charge quite a bit….at&t does suck

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