RC Collins, Bradley Military Academy cadet, tells Phil he wants to be a US Army sapper but doesn’t want to go through the 28 week course because his grandmother may die before then and he wants to get the badge to show her.

Also we had Margaret Grey and Doug Dannger discussing the latest Mel Gibson meltdown and how it’s understandable given the fact that what he should have done is run Joe Esterhaus’ head through a wall. Frank Grey comes on to tell Margaret the name of the screenwriter on Jason Jay Delmonico’s project, Esther House. “Yep, that’s his name” said Frank.

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    I used to laugh so hard I would have to pull my car over onto the side of the road. He used to point out shit that the media would ignore not champion their politically correct agenda. It was cutting edge, sharp, hilarious in your face.

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    Yes…it's a great value FREE streaming from any good radio show of your choice.

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    Way to give constructive criticism there, dude.

    I happen to think this show is great value for the money.

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    It's not what it used to be but not bad enough to cancel, yet.

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