Hour 1:

“Oklahoma City Boomtown” Margaret Grey joins the program on the 5th Anniversary of the Oklahoma Bombing, which she feels hasn’t been memorialized in a way that properly befits the people of the city. Margaret wants to remount the beloved musical “Oklahoma

Hour 2:

“Grape Soda and Sunny D” On the eve of the anniversary of Columbine, Jay Santos joins the program on tactical alert for “copycats” in the area. The Citizens Auxiliary Police will be going to malt shops and drive-in theaters to talks to the kids in their o

Hour 3:

“How Do You Know If Your Wife Is Dead?” Lloyd Bonifide calls to comment on the man from Detroit who shot two women because they “didn’t understand his sense of humor.” A caller from Venice gives Phil a heads up that tomorrow is “420”… RC Collins chimes

  • Dale

    Santos – “what if your son tries to rape you and you don’t have any orange Tang?” Lol! I love it when Phil cracks up so bad he has to stop ha!

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