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Wednesday, August 1, 2001

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Hour 1:

Phil talks about not having a car in high school, animals making messes in the house. MTV 20 years ago, Phil rips on the new wave genre and even worse, British techno pop. SECOND HOUR. Phil talks to callers about the radio business. Phil talks positively about Martha Quinn, a bachelor friend having Phil over on Halloween.

Hour 2:

Jeff Dowder proposes Jesus' DNA from the Shroud of Turin be cloned in Mexico where it's legal. Phil and Jeff wonder about him showing up at US border control. Callers say this cloning can't be done. Phil closes talking to RC Collins about what to do about getting an erection in class.

Hour 3:

Bob Green is upset about Maria Carey's hospitalization because he runs her fan club, and urges Phil to convince people to buy her records. Phil closes talking about a new audio archive coming for BSP holders. Flashback of 2001-07-31 hour one.


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