Starting the show tonight, Margaret Grey and General Gaylen Shaw are at a Chick-Fil-A in “Montavido” California where there is an “Appreciation Day” celebration going on. Maragret interviews people in line but despite her disapproval of Chick-Fil-A’s stand on gay rights she has a “tenders basket” and claims it gave her the runs. General Shaw stands with Chick-Fil-A and Margaret is eventually run off, her underwear filling up.

The next hour Larry Grover tries to give a preview of our episode 25 Free Phil Hendrie Podcast but is stopped, once again, by his mother who calls him “short stuff,” “missle dick,” and laughs when Larry tells the dentist “don’t put that in my mouth.”

With Karen Deauville, Jerry Deauville, Herb Deauville and Chris Norton.

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    Did I hear Gaylen Shaw turn into Lloyd Bonafide?

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    why,, Gloria,, the "kids" are never never too old for a sleep over…. ahhhhhhhhhhahaha,, PS i have a slightly used Chihuahua suit that i once used on a park bench in Korea Town,, for sale

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    I'd like to hear Herb Sewell decide that he's going to try and fight for custody of the Jackson children. No worries. The kids are too old for him to be attracted to.


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