Tonight Curt Queedy and Guy Barton from the West Virginia state house talked with Phil about Vice President Bidens “Put y’all in chains” comment. They considered it an acceptable statement considering the fact “whites what are Democrats are more colored than other whites.” Mavis Leonard called in to claim her support for Mitt Romney and Pastor William Rennick also weighed in.

Later Robert Leonard asked Phil if he thought McKayla Maroney from the US womens gymnastics team had so-called Vulcan DNA. “If you slap a couple of pointed ears on her she looks Vulcan or Klingon at least,” said Robert. “The Klingon don’t have no pointed ear,” chimed in Bud.

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    larry roel

    Funny shit man,you put those to knuckleheads and Rennick together……..!

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    you look pretty funny walking down the street wit my boot up your ass

    Love it!!

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    Dude, seriously funny.

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    Grand Slam Hendrie ….and I aint tallkin "Denny's" or "Grand Ole Party"

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