The show features a debate between Bobbie Dooley and Professor Emory Clayton on the subject of Megyn Kelly and the future of the Republican Party. Toby Beaux, close friend of Jeff Dowdder and another guy with a speech impediment, delivers his interpretation of the coming 2016 election season.

Episode 454 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    “do you think Junior Samples is queer”?…..hahahaha…..good one.

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    Jeff Dillard

    Megyn Kelly sucks!

  • Tony

    Very excited for the Lions season and I hope the Lions do well but I enjoy when Jack is really pissed off at the team, Touch and Edna Gerber, the sponsors, the skateboarder, the Pig Pen,

    Please bring back the Lions Line shows too!

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    clint jensen

    Bring on david g hall to settle this phil.

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    Greg Osborne

    Wow! Just had funds to subscribe to BSP again. The laughs I have are worth every cent! And then… the beginning of this episode with a chat about time and life and perhaps a little ‘zoomed out’ perspective about all this… awesome! Thank you Mr. Hendrie. Prayers and gratitude.

  • Bonnie

    Phil, I liked what you said in the pre-show about humility. It’s not about us, it’s about others.

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    I hope the Lions pick up Fruitbar Williams, he’s the best RB in the league!!!

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Yeah, Fruitbar had a great year in 2012. Who knows where he is now

  • alex

    Thanks for giving voice to as yet unheard from chars 🙂


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