Tonight Bobbie and Steve Dooley discussed a particular LA Times reporter on the Piers Morgan Show who was “very clearly auditioning for a news contributor job with CNN but who, when she smiled and we saw the left side of her face, had a gaping gap in her teeth that was very off-putting.” Ms. Dooley also took Mr. Morgan to task for serving beer in pint glasses at the “CNN Grill” and making it look very “English” which is not what the Republican party “is all about.” Ms. Dooley also claimed to have vaulted two Secert Service SUV’s during the Reagan funeral procession to “get a comment from Nancy.”

Later Margaret Grey commented on the many female delegates who looked to her like “a Roman rabble giving the thumbs down on some gladiator about to be run through.” Ms. Grey continued: “I found the women to be corase and real hard on the eyes.” 

Don Berman joined the show later on to talk about his fond hope that some day the 11 o’clock news will be renamed “The Don Berman Report.”

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    The fact checkers*, they seem to have an agenda most of the time as well, or take what someone says and spin it.

    I just like the plain truth, according to neither party, just truth!

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    Hey Phil, just wanted to let ya know, the GM plant only stopped producing cars or sedans or something like that. They switched it all over to producing SUV's for about a year, and in 2009 they shut the plant down.

    Just wanted to let ya know those "fact checks" are frequently wrong haha.

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    dear phil, i love how you did the high low pitch radio puking bit,, just like the old character named Darren Browne,, in the past,,, wish you did more or bring back that jive assed puker from B98 from the "tri belt area"…Darren Browne,,, he would piss off RC so much,, that RC would travel thru the phone line to Darren and Attack him……. comedy gold……… thanks……………..


  • thespoiler2000

    UNREAL !!

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