Ted Bell and Dean Wheeler debated the offensive sports nickname question by bringing the long gone southern baseball team, the Atlanta Crackers, into the debate. And somehow Ted’s rivalry with Honk Kong Charlie got mixed in with Ted saying “I’m a white man on me knees to the yellow horde.”

Vernon Dozier was going to talk about the college football playff system that will debut next season but instead lectured again on good tackling and blocking, ending every sentence with an emphatic “go back to your MA-MA” for anyone not tough enough to heed him.

General Gaylan Shaw got into the singing act by breaking out his rendition of “Kentucky Rain” by Elvis, a song about a man looking for a woman who’s left him. The General thought it was a hamster and the whole topic went straight to hell when Phil said “it wasn’t a hamster it was a woman” and Vernon said “You just fed him a change up and he’s about to drive it right back into the box and your face!”

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    tom molina

    down in south texas there is a high school with the team name of “cotton pickers” the robstown cotton pickers! no lie.

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    Robert Schroth

    Thanks very much for the update on the videocast.

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    Robert Schroth

    Will a videocast be posted today? (just wondering). Thanks!

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