Vernon Dozier exhibited signs of being possessed by Gwylick, who according to Father James McQuarters, is one of Lucifer’s demons but “an idiot.” Vernon was therefore briefly possessed by a “dumbass demon.” Father McQuarters claims to have seen this type of thing before. A man in New York City was possessed by Gwylick and while tied to a bed and spitting up guacamole he said things like “your sisters underwear is under my bed” and “go get me some Swizzlers…” 

Larry Grover was angry about what he sees as the “kid glove treatment” President Obama is getting over Sandy while Bush got reamed on Katrina….. We ran out of time and Phil was too bored with the topic so Larry was told ‘maybe some other time’ and the hour ended with him sobbing into the phone…

Jeff Dowdder talked with Phil about the Nirvana “reunion” with Paul McCartney and how Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain’s widow, did not approve of McCartney’s inclusdion. Dowdder told Phil it’s hard to say no to a Beatle and even did a bit of psychodrama with Phil, playing the part of McCartney, while Phil played the part of Dave Grohl…

Finally, space talk..a discussion of what our heads would look like if we have to breath ethane instead of oxygen. Bud voted for “a barbecue.”

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  • djf750

    you didn't get a ticket for talking on your phone while driving????

    my ticket cost $142.00!!!!! (santa barbara)
    But it didn't go on my record. woopdie frickin doo!

    you celebs get away with murder.

  • Avatar

    At the time the goverment didnt care about poor black people living in NO. I had to laugh watching the concert, I live in Ft Lauderdale, we go thru these every year, no one has a concert for us,lol. But when it happens to the New Yorkers, oh well, thats a whole different story. Love the show, been listening since the Miami days

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