It’s flare drop time with Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police. Cell phones may be banned from use in cars because of a recommendation by the NTSB. Jay is running flare drops-traffic stops where flares are dropped so as to funnel traffic into one lane-and asking people who they are talking to on their cell phones and why. If the answer is unsatisfactory, Jay takes the phone and throws it like he’s trying to hit home plate from centerfield. Will Jay survive this rash interdiction of normal human behavior? Are bears Catholic?

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    I hate to say it Calgon, but Elyse is probably right this time – might be time for you to fade on out into the night.

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    are you playing the diddly doo

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    This was a great show, Phil. 2 solid hours of pure comedy! Love the calls coming through, just an overall good time! Thanks!

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    "Why don't you drill your nuts across my chin you bitch ass motherfucker" Oh man, this was a damn good show.

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