Hour 1: Phil starts out talking about the Healthcare bill. Larry Grover joins Phil to say he thinks the healthcare system will kill more people than it will help. He advocates using Holocaust images to illustrate his point.

Hour 2: Steve Bosell, a member of Climate Justice Now, is talking about Climate change. His 11 year old daughter called her teacher about her dad and he was asked to come into the classroom where the kids called him a disgrace for not taking care of the environment. Now he is suing the government so they will get rid of the plastic bags and start using reusable cloths to wipe with. His daughter was monitoring the call telling Steve what to say the whole time.

Hour 3: Steve Bosell in on again this hour. Then the stories we couldn’t get to and a Christmas song at the end of the show.

  • Don Sloan

    The Steve Bosell bit… even 9 years later, still scary and funny.

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