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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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Hour 1: Nearly half of all U.S. children and 90 percent of black youngsters will be on food stamps at some point during childhood. Vernon Dozier comes on the show to talk about this. He says he was hungry as a kid and children should pass out from hunger at least once in their lives, even if they die. Everyone wants their MaMa and food stamps aren't that bad. Jeff Dowder calls 911 to ask how to hang up a telephone.

Hour 2: Chris Norton is with the group Disband. He says the religious symbol, the wedding band, offends single men. It's not a separation of church and state. He proceeds to hit on all the female callers.

Hour 3: Vernon Dozier comes on the show to talk about a study that says children should be allowed to sleep in on the weekends to fight obesity. Vernon disagrees. He runs a fat camp called Camp Possibility. He says the study has no viability because the Chinese conducted it. He says fat people are worthless and they're not contributing to society. At the 12:35 mark Dean Wheeler is on the show to talk about the Fort Shoot shooting. Dean says that the shooter Nidal did this to get out of going to war by wounding himself. He thinks that the incident was a blessing to say how wars are destructive, and mental health isn't an issue because Nidal was a psychiatrist. He would have self-diagnosed himself. He says it was humiliating for him to be wounded by a female police officer.


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