Harvey Weirman returns with his “Harvey Weirman Newsbreak.” Larry Grover from Conservatives of Kern County tries to discuss the Trump candidacy with Bob Green, Chairman of Southern California Grocers for Trump. Unfortunately, it winds up more a conversation about accidentally soiling one’s underwear. Then it’s Jeff Dowdder, talking about the use of condoms by high school students after Toby Beau’s nephew, Strad, comes home confused about his health class. Dowdder thinks the slang word “rubbers” would more likely prompt high schoolers to use them. Professor Don Micksa also joins the panel.

Episode 524 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Jason Robinson

    Man do I feel better! Great show by the way

  • Shaun

    Yeah Phil!!!! Having Harvey back rocks! I get all my news from him!

  • Anton

    Phil, I love Harvey, but I would love him even more if he still had the golf ball sized wad of phlegm lodged in his throat. Now THAT stuff guns my engine!

  • Bonnie

    Who’s keeping cottage cheese in the cupboard? Was that Bud’s doing? What a dork.

  • Robert Dunmire
    Robert Dunmire

    Thanks for bringing back Harvey!!

  • Avatar

    “Benaboo Kigiiee,” Mr Wjreman butching up Bernard Kericks name discussing the NYPD chief…
    “take him below for the makings” Commandant Wireman deciding the fate of R.C Cojllings after some minor discretion.

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    Mark Bartay

    Awesome Phill!! You handle rollercoasters like a pro! Reminds me of my late father (former F-4 backseater). Very nonchalant…

  • TwiceRemoved77

    Just got back from losing my mud over Dowdder. Sweet feathery!

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    Thanks for bringing Harvey back – we love Harvey. Harvey is DA MAN.

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    Aaron Eaton

    Thank you for bringing back Harvey! I’ve missed the old guy.

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