Hour 1:

Chris Norton, a pharmaceutical rep, is organizing a free speech at work movement. He was honest with a co-worker when she brought her baby to work to show everyone. He said the kids face looked “pinched in.” This co-worker decided to have her desk moved to another part of the building.

Hour 2:

Don Berman from the Channel 19 news room is on to talk about new, stringent FCC guidelines being proposed for broadcasters. He says they are welcome in light of the fact they protect children from indecent or improper material.

Hour 3:

Herb wrote a book about what President Bush is really like when the cameras are off…and thinks it is amazing that Americans really believe him to be a religious man.

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    As related by Herb Sewell in the 3rd hour, I think I'd like to hear the joke he was told by President Bush over golf (the one having to do with "sex and physical handicaps")

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