Coach Vernon Dozier returns to the show to talk about the baby face that Kanye West makes when he’s pissed off and how much Vernon had to overcome without being a baby… like modeling “The Slack” for designer Monty Shay. “The Slack” was a new design featuring “one pant leg and a cup.” Dave Oliva also joined the show to discuss his cousin George and the Pink Floyd song “Dogs.”

Originally aired on Monday, February 16, 2015.

Episode 579 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Paige

    So funny. The Monte Che Slack… One pant leg. Hey Mary can you and the others shut up… Shut your hole… Any hole. I’m still laughing.

  • Andrew

    You ran this for the Kanye tie-in I’m sure, but I love it for Oliva. My favorite part of Oliva and his cousin’s Pink Floyd musings is that they don’t understand that the ‘Bark’ they keep referring to is Roger Water’s voice sampled singing the word ‘stone’ and synthesized/looped to sound like a dog bark. It’s the last word of the ‘dragged down by the stone’ lyric.

    • TwiceRemoved77

      Or because it was from one year ago?

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