Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Hour 1: VARIETY.

Hour 2: Don Parsley was fired from his job because he couldn’t make it in during a blizzard. he recites a litany of tragedy and asks for donations but his stories begin falling apart. He ends by saying his wife was abducted by aliens. Phil closes pimping the BSP.

Hour 3: Herb Sewell is a researcher who is concerned about all the studies about wine being healthy, and thinks that women are just turning into a bunch of winos.

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  • Tyrone

    I know the format doesn’t always allow it but having some more Don Parsley would be AMAZING!

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    David Roman

    Hour 2 is Don Parsley claiming he lost his job due to a Blizzard and as usual can’t get his story straight.

    Hour 3 features Herb Sewell talking about a recent article he published about women who drink wine.

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